Mediator, certified with the ADR Institute of Ontario.                       


 Why mediate?

Conflict is natural. Confict exists in all relationships. Conflict is a condition found in colleagues, partners, children, neighbors, teachers and just about in any human contact. Its source is the need to satisfy our own interests while being concerned that others will prevent us from satisfying these interests. Numerous conflicts reach an impasse and appear at first glance to be unresolvable. The parties to conflict part without reconciliation or they chose to leave the conflict to neutrals such as supervisors or a court of law. That kind of resolution can be costly, lengthy and places a strain on the relationship. When the conflict is left to the arbitrator, the outcome is uncertain and usually produces a winner and a looser. The outcome frequently leaves even the ”winner” unsatisfied.


Mediation is a means of assisting the conflicted party by negotiation, which results in an acceptable solution. A neutral and trained Mediator presides over the negotiations. Mediators use various techniques to open or improve dialogue between disputants, aiming to help the parties reach an agreement with concrete effects on the disputed matter. The purpose of the mediator presiding over the negotiations is to increase the likelihood that the parties will reach a solution.


Communicate concerns, discuss and clear perceptions 


          Resolve bullying or harassment 


The mediator does not offer suggestions to solutions and does not evaluate suggestions or agreements.  The mediator’s task is to facilitate the negotiations so these are carried out in a manner so constructive that the parties reach their own solution.   


  • Mediation is voluntary and the parties are free to end negotiation at any time.
  • Mediation is confidential.
  • Mediators facilitate communication between the parties.
  • Mediators do not make decisions.
  • Mediators are neutral and impartial and do not offer solutions to the conflict.
  • Mediators do not offer legal evaluation of the conflict.

As a former manager with the Ministry of Labour, Office of the Worker Adviser, part of my responsibilities included mediation and providing employees with the education necessary to ensure conformity with Bill 168 amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, preventing Workplace Violence And Workplace Harassment which includes "bullying" in the workplace.

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